Life is wonderful and full of excitement! There are so many beautiful, wonderous things to see, do and experience in this fleeting lifetime. Happiness is key, the golden ticket, if you will. If we could all just appreciate and find those little slivers of daily pleasure and enjoyment, imagine how much more magical and fulfilling life  would be?

Smiling is infectious. Laughing adds years to your life! What puts that goofy grin on your face? Things that make you giggle so purposefully, that you shed tears? These are the type of things I strive to find each day! Searching for adventure and making a positive mark in everything that I do. Creating and maintaining positive change in my activities, research and daily interactions. Flowers in bloom, dogs, sand in my toes and the sight of water bring joy to my heart. Inside jokes, stand up comedy and family and friends bring laughter and light into my life!

Yoga brings so much joy and light into my life. I’m so lucky to have found an exercise and lifestyle that gives my body and aura so much peace and happiness! I’ve found that physical happiness is equal to mental happiness, for me at least. Feeling good, by moving my body daily gives me piece of mind. It also gives me a feeling of weightlessness and allows more room for all those happy thoughts and positive vibes to infect me. Your vibe attracts your tribe. It’s so true! Surround yourself with positivity and an aura so loving and carefree, people can’t help but glow around you.

Although I’ve struggled with food for years, I am learning to have a more positive and healthy relationship with it now. My vegan diet fuels my body and gives me the energy to be the Positive Patty I am today! Eating food that leaves a minimal foot print on the earth, free from chemicals and additives, that doesn’t harm anyone gives me so much happiness. I love all the beautiful things we can create with food and how it brings people together. Making gorgeous acai bowl or testing out new ingredients is exhilarating! You cant put a smoothie inside a coconut bowl and be angry.

Little things like an impromptu dance in the grocery store, live music or a brand new book make life amazing! Trips near or far, a familiar walking trail or the discovery of an exciting new fact brings a smile to my face. Seeing my friends prosper and family thrive, gives happiness new meaning!

Live life blissfully! Find that little something that brings you joy each day. Make sure to be happy and appreciative of the wonderful things that are already in your life! Be positive and radiant. Let your happiness drip off you and infect everyone around you, be contagious. Without happiness, we have noting. It’s simple and we deserve all the happiness there is. Spread it like wildfire. Soak it up like a sponge. This life is short and beautiful and glorious and we shouldn’t be anything less than blissful for every second of it!



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