Skin Care Routine

After recently taking a tandem kayaking adventure and burning my skin to a crisp, I thought it was fitting to talk about skin care! Don’t be like me. Always wear SPF and keep your skin protected and moisturized. I don’t use many products and I like to keep things as natural as possible when it comes to my epidermis! After years of what I considered bad skin and hormonal acne, I discovered the light…a healthy and balanced Vegan diet! The food you eat fuels your body and your skin is the largest part of it. Treat it right, feed and water it accordingly! That being said, there are some exterior things I like to do to help my skin out as well. Below are my essential skin care products for how I like to keep my skin looking and feeling great.

Skin Food
The food you eat fuels and feeds your body and thus, your skin! Feed your body natural, whole ingredients that will benefit your entire body. Good fatty foods and vitamin E are great for your skin. Here are some fantastic skin glowing foods:

-sweet potato
-Nuts like walnuts, Brazil and almonds
-tomato – say yes to lycopene
-dark chocolate – I love Endangered Species and I only eat 80% or better
-pumpkin – Yum! (Secretly can’t wait for fall! Only for Halloween and all the pumpkins)
-blueberries – also great for memory!

My friend and wannabe esthetician is all about the oils! I was skeptical at first, especially on my face but I am a true believer now. Here are my favs and where to put them:
Coconut Oil – I love for my lips, hands and tattooed body parts!
Almond Oil – For under my eyes! I have dark circles and this helps enormously.
Tea Tree – For face, neck and chest!
I haven’t tried many brands but I love NOW and pick it up from Whole Foods or my local Co-Op.

All Over
Your whole body needs love and care too! I keep my skin care routine simple and holistic as possible.

Wake Up:
Wash face with warm water and splash with cold right after
Use middle finger to add almond oil to under eyes
Use two to three drops tea tree and coconut oil combined and rub on face and neck
I also add Say Yes to Tomatoes moisturizer because it contains SPF which should be a vital part of everyone’s daily skin routine!

Shower Time:
My shower essentials are Dr. Bronners and my Pacha Soap – Clarifying Charcoal
The Pacha has been a recent addition to my routine but I love the way it makes my face feel after a shower! I do this once a day because I don’t want to take away too much of my body’s natural oils. After getting out of the shower, I close up my pores with a few splashes of cold water to the face. I also try to keep the shower temp relatively low because hot water just isn’t good for your beautiful skin! My after shower moisturizer is Shea butter! I am currently in love with Shea Moisture, it makes me feel moisturized without that greasy or heavy feeling.

Bed Time:
Before bed, I was my face with water and a non-abrasive washcloth and a splash of cold water! If I wore a lot of makeup that day or it is being stubborn, I’ll add some coconut oil to my cloth. A few drops of almond oil under the eyes and some coconut oil to my face, neck and lips before heading to bed!

If you’re like me and forget to do something as simple as putting on sunscreen before you leave the house, especially before a full day outside, you may burn. If that happens, stop by your local grocer and pick up an aloe leaf! If you have a plant at home, just watch this tutorial for how to use your at home plant. Its a simple way to give you some natural relief while your skin recuperates. Make sure that you’re using a moisturizer every day that has SPF in it! Yes, every day. Please, take care of your skin and protect it.
Check out this article on some awesome cruelty free moisturizers for any skin type!

Once a week or month I also like to treat my skin with more than just its daily routine!

Dry Brushing  – Great for exfoliating and giving your skin that energized glow!
Homemade Scrub – They’re fun and help with things like cellulite and skin tone!
Face Mask – These change depending on what my skin is doing that week or month

These are just a few of my favorite things and products to keep my skin looking and feeling great! No product or treatment has ever made my skin look or feel better than a healthy vegan diet and lots of filtered water! Keep your body hydrated and fuel it with delicious raw foods. A vegan diet does amazing things to the body. Change your sheets weekly and wear SPF! You are beautiful. Keep your skin beautiful by protecting it. Let me know your routines. What products do you love? Foods that make your skin look and feel fantastic? Let’s keep our skin healthy and looking fab as long as possible, babes!




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