Feeling good, feeling meh.

Vacation has a fantastic way of leaving you with that “feeling good, feeling great, actually feeling like shit” kind of way. Maybe it is just me but no matter how much I stick to my routines, I can’t help but feeling like crap after vacation. It might be the plane, it might be all the eating out or limited access to fresh foods but I am always in such a funk after vacay. After a recent visit to Atlanta to visit family and see Chance the Rapper in concert, I was feeling great about the quality time, sleeping in and not so great about my body. I woke up, tried to stick to my morning ritual as best as I could and get ready for the day when it all came tumbling down.

Nothing makes you feel worse on vacation than slipping on a dress you haven’t worn in a while and the buttons won’t touch. I was feeling great, not worrying about work and enjoying the sound of my phone not ringing, it was bliss. When those dress buttons refused to touch, I was deeply offended by my body. I had even been keeping up with my morning yoga and going on night walks. Granted, I have stopped visiting the gym regularly and my diet hasn’t been all fresh fruits and vegetables but c’mon. I even went for a 4 mile hike before I tried buttoning that dress!

Vacation is suppose to be that time where you relax and forget about your worries. Meanwhile, I’m stressing out about the outline of my fupa in my overalls and my swollen feet. It was on the second day of vacation that I realized I was feeling like shit from a combination of vacation mode and the past few months of life. My vegan lifestyle has been doing fantastic things for my health but I have also been using it as an excuse. I have mostly neglected my favorite activity, exercise.

Despite being adventurous with my exercise this year, I have mostly neglected my second favorite activity, next to my first which is eating, of course. I love sweating and lifting and that feeling of being sore but I haven’t been doing much more than brisk walks and downward dogs lately. My health history and weight, combined with my late twenties age (cringe), requires me to maintain a strict exercise routine. I hadn’t realize just how much until that damn dress came out of the bag.

I won’t deny it, my food choices have been looking more like my 11 year old sisters lately than my yogi, Whole Foods loving self. Vacation has that wonderful way of making you forget all your hard work and food routines when that trendy matcha bar your friend told you about is down the street. As a previously fat human and lover of food, if I am not following my routines, I can quickly slip out of them. Let me get my hands on a plate of frites or a sugary desert and I am done for. Vacation is all about letting go, enjoying yourself and having fun, not an excuse to go off the deep end. I have very little self control and that is the beautiful thing about being Vegan, the diet, for me, at least, has helped with my cravings and portion control.

I know that I’ve been focusing on my body image lately but I think its worth mentioning. I have yo-yoed with my weight my whole life and I still can’t seem to fully get a grip and it bothers me. Getting to a place where I am comfortable with my weight, health and lifestyle is important and I struggle with it most days. Some are better than others but I try to focus on living my best Vegan lifestyle and doing everything I can to be a healthy, conscious human being. Routine is key and vacation is the perfect excuse to let it go but, don’t! You have worked so hard to get where you are and make time for all those things that you really enjoy and love.

Vacation is valuable and I want to fully enjoy the time I have on it, doing what I love. I also want to maintain my lifestyle and the hobbies I enjoy most. There are so many ways to incorporate the vegan lifestyle, working out and love of food while vacationing, wherever it may be. Being happy and healthy means doing what you love and living it. We all need to remember these simple things to be our happiest, healthiest selves! Work harder to keep those things that make you your best self going all year round. Don’t use that blissful time to fall off the train tracks. You work hard, you’re a bad ass and as long as you’re feeling good, keep rocking!


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