My intention for the year was simple, workout. Sweat. Feel the burn. Ache. I tend to get stuck in my workout routines and plateau easily. So, the task was to simply challenge myself to workout instead of just making it to the gym. The first few months have been going surprisingly well and I’m excited for the summer months!

Winter in Wisconsin is something I don’t wish upon anyone. I will say that shoveling is a hell of a workout and a test of human emotions. Getting to the gym during those months is a nightmare but I was determined. Why else would I willingly wake up each morning at 4a? I’m motivated, not crazy. Thankfully, at the time my job was a short walk from the gym, so it wasn’t too much of a struggle to maintain my intention. I tried new routines and workouts to keep things fresh but one March rolled around, I was bored.

Yoga is my lifeline and I am so happy that I found it. I can do a quick flow virtually anywhere and it’s great in the morning, afternoon or before bed. It’s great if you’re stuck at home for the day or just don’t feel like the gym. I tried out Yoga Six studio with a friend this year and can’t say enough good things about it. The facility is beautiful, the teachers are fantastic and the schedule was awesome! It was my first yoga studio, since I began my journey at home, but I felt right at home at the studio. It wasn’t really something new but I was getting out of my comfort zone.

Going straight from the mat to the air, aerial yoga was next on the list! Aerial is a true test of strength and knowledge of your body. A cozy studio, tucked away on third floor walk up in Milwaukee’s Walker Point neighborhood. A fiery little woman, with her cute decor and scented candles gives you the best workout, off the ground. I am not the least bit coordinated and lack upper body strength, I was really put to the test. The class was intense but allowed you to play around while still getting in a solid workout. I highly recommend for the adventurously fit!

The wonderful thing about this big, little city is all the great places to explore around and there seems to be no end to new gyms and fitness activities. My sister and I went rock climbing a while ago and I discovered muscles I never knew I had. As the weather warms and I am reminded of my proximity to the beach, I want nothing more than to run along the lake. However, I am determined to conquer the fitness scene in Milwaukee. Below is a list of all the activities and places I’d like to try out!

Barre – The Barre Code 
Pilates – Flying Squirrel 
Boot Camp – Money Bar Gym
Kickboxing – 9 Rounds
Kayaking and Paddle Boarding – Milwaukee Kayak 
Volleyball – Beach or Indoor
Spin Class, Cross Fit, Any dance classes
Hiking – Get the city girl away from the hustle and bustle for a day or two!
Horseback riding – Not really working out but I am counting it!
Yoga- Recommend studios/classes or flows in the Milwaukee or Chicago area to me!

The gym is no longer working for me and I crave new adventure and ways to challenge my body. What are your favorite workouts? Are there activities or classes you take that you love? What motivates you to get out and be active? Let me know, I love trying new things. Working out is essential to living a healthy, happy life. Better make the most of it and have fun!



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