Plant Mom.

There’s something about having a plant in the house that just makes life a little bit better. The air is fresher, the room is greener and there’s always a reason to play rainforest sounds! My apartment feels so much homier and alive with plants and herbs growing. This newfound hobby has done great things for the quality of living in our small space.

Aesthetic is everything nowadays. It’s part of the reason I wanted a plant so badly. “It’s gonna look great in my instas!” Never knew how many benefits these pretty green backdrops were going to have on apartment living. I’m city girl but I like a little foliage. We currently have 2 herbs growing, 1 flower, 2 succulents, a fern and my favorite, a peace lily!

What hipster doesn’t own at least one cactus or echeveria? I’m surprised I don’t have a few in each room, tbh. I keep my zebra Haworthia close to my salt lamp and cactus near my picture collection. Mostly for the vibe and feng shui but also for the overall quality of our apartment air.

Growing herbs is not my forte but I’m giving it a shot. I purchased some lavendar and mint and they seem to be doing fine so far. I like to keep lavendar in the bedroom to aid sleep and the smell is pleasant. Mint is a natural bug repellent and has a great smell. I’m hoping to eventually use them in kitchen once I learn to properly clip them!

Once I bought the succulents I sort of created a monster. I was at Home Depot or a plant nursery every weekend, looking for new things. We were looking for an English ivy but stumbled upon a Boston fern instead. Ferns are amazing for removing formaldehyde from the air and overall improving home air quality. Visually pleasing and making breathing better, yes please!

My first and favorite plant purchase this far has been our peace lily, lovingly named MC for Marion Crane of Psycho. I’m a horror movie fanatic and lover of Hitchcock. We purchased a giant peace lily from a floor plant sale at a local plant nursery and I am in love! Peace lilies are a ton of work, because they’re rainforest plants but oh so worth it. She’s a big plant so you can immediately tell the difference in air quality when you step in the room. This plant is great for neutralizing benzene, formaldehyde and carbon monoxide in the air. The best part are the white blooms that pop through every once in awhile. Beautiful things in your living space make all the difference.

Being a plant Mom is pretty awesome. I’m probably going to lose followers for this because I sound a little crazy but it happens. Plants are great for the home and help bring a little bit of the outside, in when you’re a city girl, like me! Aesthetics are a must but so is my air quality. Let me take gorgeous, green photos and breathe deeply during meditation. Surround your self with beautiful things. Living things. Plants can be low maintenance and add so much to your living space and life. Buy the plant, you know you want it.



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