I’ve never been a good consumer and I always had a hard time with brand loyalty. When I was growing up and throughout college, it was “whatever’s cheap”. As I’ve grown and become more fully invested in my health and sustaining it, things have changed. I am still cheap and love a good deal, but I do it consciously and with thorough research.

Before I became Vegan, I had an arsenal of crap to clean my house and bathe my body. Now, I have 6 things that I use to not only clean my house, but myself. Why shouldn’t I use the same products to clean the space I live in, that I use on my own body? It was a difficult transition, at first, but I barely notice nowadays.

These are the 6 things I use, how and what for:

Coconut Oil: My life is incomplete without this! I use coconut oil as a moisturizer, in my toothpaste, deodorant and as a makeup remover. There is also oil pulling and hair masks. It’s also my favorite oil to bake with. I like to go with an organic brand, this is a favorite of mine, Nutiva.

Castille Soap: I use this to bathe my body, wash my hair, clean my sinks, floors, walls, you name it. My favorite is Dr. Bronners. I like Tea Tree for my body, citrus for the house and I love peppermint for my hair.

Baking Soda: So much versatility, I love it! I use it to deodorize the fridge, my pits and a main ingredient in my toothpaste. Also great for cleaning out drains and brightening dull surfaces. Any local store brand will work!

Vinegar: Mix this with baking soda and you have the simplest, safest cleaning combo! This will be distilled white vinegar you want to use!

Arrowroot Powder: Essential for my deodorant! I have’t played around with it for many other things, besides baking, but I do love it. Bob’s Red Mill is my go to!

Essential Oils: So many uses! My favorites are peppermint for toothpaste, lemon and orange for cleaning, lavender for the pillow cases. Not totally necessary but an added bonus! Now is my favorite, I always can find it at my local grocer!

I haven’t decided if I stopped purchasing soaps, cleaners and scents because of my frugality or my lifestyle change. I’d like to say they both played equal parts. There was so much time spent reading labels I decided to simplify. I want to know what I am putting on, in and around my body.

Being Vegan is so much more than what we eat. Saving the world is the goal and we manipulate that by consuming. We must make sure that we are conscious of what we buy, that it is recyclable, non-toxic, eco-friendly, etc. Being good to your body goes hand in hand with being good to the place we call home!

Feeling good with what I am eating, is one thing but I think taking the time to also consider your external is just as important. Not to mention the environment you live! Take care of your body, it’s your temple and the only place you have to live in. Make sure to be mindful of your surroundings, they’re impactful and important to your vibrations. Eat good, look good, do good and you’ll feel it. As always, support local, love the Earth, animals and do your part, no matter how big or small it may be!



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