I didn’t set foot on a plane until I was 24. It wasn’t that I was afraid, not really, it was more that I always had two jobs and something on the side that deterred me from taking a break. I like to be busy, no, I LOVE it! One day, I was helping some friends move to a nearby city and thought about my close friend that has recently moved to Austin, Texas and decided to go. Just like that. It was the best, spur of the moment decision I ever made.

Now, nearly 4 years later, I can’t get enough of traveling. It can sometimes be a challenge with my work now but I don’t let it keep me grounded like before. I use to use my work as an excuse to never relax or have fun and I’m not sure why. Since Texas, I’ve been to:
Seattle, WA
Portland, OR
Los Angeles, CA
Las Vegas, NV
Atlanta, GA
Denver and Fort Collins, CO
Thankfully, I also live about two hours from Chicago and go there as frequently as possible. I’m obsessed with big cities, I love the noises, smells and atmosphere.

Since I wasn’t fortunate enough to travel in my youth and avoided it in the first steps of my adulthood, I want to make up for the lost time and explore as much of the world as I can! Even traveling to these few places in the States, I’ve gained such an appreciation for life and what it has to offer. I am always learning new things, gaining new insight and knowledge I may not have from my little corner of the world.

Traveling has become such an important part of my life and I want to make a commitment to myself to continue to explore everything this amazing world has! I encourage everyone to travel someplace they’ve always wanted to go or take that trip they’ve yearned for. It’s necessary, you’ll regret it years from now and making memories are far more important than material possessions.

It obviously costs money to travel but if you want it, you’ll find a way! I started putting aside $5 or $10 every paycheck to fund my plane tickets and stopped buying unnecessary things. Start a savings account or keep a piggy bank that has to be broken to be open to encourage saving. There are also several ways to travel cheaply or for free! Look at organizations like:
Adventure Work

Check out this awesome article by Forbes on 23 Companies That Will Help You Travel The World For Free!

I haven’t been many places but I am always saving and on the search for my next big adventure! My hope is to go international this year and one day live in a few different countries. Life is too short to stay in one place so long! The world is full of wonder, amazing people, beautiful sites and breathtaking views. Take advantage, learn, meet people and become a more well rounded human. Volunteer, work hard, teach, whatever you can to take in this wondrous place while you can!

Let me know where you are from! Places you want to visit? Where do you love to vacation? Suggestions. Tips. Sights!




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