What Do You Eat?

The strangest part of becoming Vegan has been the questions. For some reason people seem to think that because I don’t consume dairy or meat products, I don’t eat. I can’t tell you how often I get “so, what do you eat then?” Don’t get me wrong, I love the questions and I am more than happy to use it as a learning experience! Sometimes, it scares me that people think that meat and dairy are the only food groups. That being said, I am from Wisconsin, so this shouldn’t be all that surprising.

After a co-worker recently asked me about my diet, I thought this was a perfect blogging opportunity! I’m still learning how to be Vegan, every day and I have questions myself but I thought I could give a basic idea of what always ends up in my cart. Be on the lookout for my Cart to Cast Iron blog soon for how I turn my few simple ingredients to some of my favorite recipes!

I find that shopping has become much less stressful now that I shop in one section of the grocery store. I live in the produce and bulk product section of the store and it satisfies all my needs! The list below is a loosely based list of my go-to’s, not an exact guide, as I like to switch things up every once in a while!

When it comes to veggies, I stick to a few basics:
-peppers (mini sweet are my go to)
-lettuce (spinach and arugula)
-potato (sweet or red)
As far as fruit goes, I like to have one easy grab and go, a melon and at least two types of berries. My favorite fruits to get at the grocery are:

Besides fresh produce, I like to keep a few grains, nuts and legumes in the house because contrary to popular belief, Vegans don’t just eat lettuce! Just most of the time. I am impartial to crunchy green things but I also like:
-rice (jasmine, brown and wild)
-beans (black, garbanzo)
-nuts (almonds, pistachios, walnuts and cashew)
-seeds (chia, sesame and pumpkin)
-flour (whole grain, almond or coconut)

This is the most basic of lists and by no means a guide, rather a starting point to get you away from those evil aisles in the middle of the store so many people like! Spices and oils are essential too, but that’s a whole other blog to have a conversation about.

I eat often and I am satisfied enough to workout twice a day. Meats and dairy are not essential to live, no matter how much you want to believe pizza is a life source! (It is, its just vegan!) Eating food that grows from the earth, rather than created in a lab makes me feel alive!

I want to know what other Vegan MUST have in their diets. What are your essentials? What non-dairy musts do you always pick up at your local grocer? Favorite fruit? Nut? Grain? Lets talk about it!



4 thoughts on “What Do You Eat?

  1. I’m also vegan and man the question ” what do you eat ?” is asked to me so many times a week at work. It’s exhausting having to explain myself everytime! haha Glad to see someone else gets it and love meeting other vegans! 🙂


    1. Thanks for sharing! Exhausting for sure but I’m all for teaching people and even getting people to try out being vegan! The question honestly use to scare me because we’ve become so accostomed to eating out of boxes but most people are willing to have a conversation, which speaks volumes! Nice meeting you!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I love that!! Ive been baking some yummy treats that are vegan and I’ve noticed people will try that! and then people ask for the recipe which is super awesome! 🙂


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