Shop Local. Love Local.

Nothing beats waking up early in the morning and going for a walk down to the local cafe, followed by a yoga class at a cozy studio nearby! Finding new shops to explore or trendy new cafes is right up my alley. Call me a hipster if you want, but I like wheat grass shots after hot yoga and a stroll through a store front selling Himalayan salt lamps over anything, any day of the week!

Recently, I’ve made a commitment to myself and be a more active member of the community the best way I know how, eating! Milwaukee is blossoming as a city and  I am reaping all the benefits. I remember having one restaurant go to when I first became vegan but now I seem to have options coming out of my ears! So, every Saturday one of my basic girlfriends and I hit up the gym, mostly so we have an excuse to eat after, sort of for the gym benefits! The past two weekends we explored, Urban Beets and Beerline Cafe on Milwaukee’s Eastside. Expect blogs on both once I’ve made my way through more of their menus!

Urban Beets is a cute little store front with tons of natural light, cute seating, plants and adorable chalk board menus! Tucked away just blocks from the buzz of Downtown, its a hidden gem. The employees were incredibly friendly and the vibe was glowing. I also had ample Instagram worthy spots to take pictures, which is always a plus! The menu was small but versatile and had options even my meat eating boyfriend enjoyed. I ordered the Be Better Beet and a Maple Pecan Pie smoothie for my S.O and added hemp protein to both. It was delicious, full of flavor (and color!) and just the thing I needed to keep me going after a workout! I’ll be going back for the Harissa Spiced Bean Tacos, very soon.

This past weekend, after finding out a smoothie place near us shut down, we were blessed with breakfast at Beerline Cafe. This is also a hidden gem, tucked away from the bustle of Brady and it was worth it! The cafe had tons of natural light (I’m a sucker for it!) and and entire wall above the seating area with plants! Brightly colored walls, local artwork and a beautiful honeycomb concrete wall made this another gorgeous and insta worthy cafe I’ll be frequenting. The cafe is vegetarian but has the option to make anything vegan and/or gluten free! The menu was impressive and I can’t wait to try more. During this visit I tried the Mango Turmeric Ginger smoothie, with rice protein. Amazing! I also ordered my boyfriend the BBQ Pulled Jackfruit, which was drool worthy. The staff was friendly and took so much pride in the delicious food they were making. Can’t wait to visit again!

Milwaukee is doing some really great things and I love how accommodating the city has become to the Vegan lifestyle. It really excites me because I can see that my city is progressing so much! I want to share these wonderful gems with you all in the hope that you support them as well or in your own communities. Having the opportunity to support local vendors who are providing great services, in beautiful spaces and promoting the Vegan lifestyle? Take my money! Seriously though.

We as a society have become so accustomed to crap products that has no backstory, love or care put into it. I think that putting our money back into the community makes big and beautiful changes for all! I’d rather spend a few more dollars at a local boutique buying a handmade candle with a story than some mass produced one off a metal shelf. There’s something about a locally sourced storefront that brings me so much joy. Challenge yourself to shop locally this week and see what it does for you. If you have any shops, restaurants or otherwise that you can suggest to try out, let me know!

Check out my insta @thepineappleblonde for all my Saturday food exploring





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