Mess Making Musts

I love making messes in my kitchen! To make the most delicious and biggest messes, I need tools. Below are some of my favorites for making my kitchen look like a tornado ran through it.

  • Ninja Food Processor
    • Everything from pesto to cauliflower rice and crusts for my raw cheesecakes, I’d be lost without my Ninja!
  • Bamboo Cutting Board
    • Although bamboo cutting boards  are harder on your knives, they’re environmentally friendly and absorb less liquid than its wood counterpart!
  • Knives
    • You need something to use on that bamboo cutting board, right? I always keep a few different options on hand, for my fruits, veggies and breads!
  • Citrus Juicer
    • I take my juicing seriously! Not only do I have two hand held juicers, I also have a plug in with two settings. Perfect for juicing my oranges when I want some fresh OJ with my pancakes in the morning!
  • KitchenAid 5-Speed Blender
    • My smoothie bowl addiction is serious, So is my NICE cream problem. I have a frozen fruits problem, ok? There is also need for the occasional blending of margaritas or sauce for my Vegan Mac & Cheese!

These are basically all the kitchen tools I use every single day. I love learning about new products and ways to make even bigger and more tasty messes in my kitchen! Any excuse to spend the day testing out new recipes with new kitchen toys! Let’s open up a discussion and make the world a tastier place. What are your go to kitchen gadgets? What tools can’t you live without?


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