9 to 5

We spend so much of our valuable time at work. Many of us, at jobs that we don’t like, enjoy or are even passionate about. Precious time holding jobs that do not make us happy or give us purpose. I’ve been making some life changes recently because I was no longer happy with my career and wanted to change how I was spending those precious 40+ hours of each week of my life.

I may be an anomaly but after working for a corporation, performing a job that gave me no pleasure, I was too tired to spend my free time getting out, doing those things that made me happy with the money I was making for just that! I was hopping from one corporate position to the next, thinking that I would be happier when I was making more money. Finally, I quit my major corporate job for a more relaxed, small corporate position, making more money, thinking I’d found the key. Turns out, I was even more miserable, dragging myself out of bed, barely making it to work on time. Completely out of my character.

I recently watched the eye opening documentary, Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things. Realizing no amount of money at a job I did not care about was ever going to make me happy, so I left. I had no plan and couldn’t have felt better about it! I am not advocating quitting your job without a backup plan, I’m just impulsive (and stupid) like that. Thankfully, this gave me life back, time to practice yoga, make delicious meals all day and spend time with the important people in my life!

A week later, I came across a job with a massive pay decrease but, in a field and position I’ve always enjoyed. Somehow, without a plan, I ended up with a job I enjoy, close to home with flexible hours so I can blog, yoga and cook to my hearts content!

It’s not ideal for most, but I have made it work for me. I am comfortable enough that I can pay my bills and socialize without worry. My happiness is at an all time high because I am doing things that make me happy and not supplementing the holes in my life with material items. I am thankful enough to have friends that enjoy home cooked meals and walks in the park when an expensive dinner or activity isn’t possible! Saving money can be challenging, especially as a college graduate but I am learning to purchase consciously. On the flip side, I have a present problem but life is all about balance.

Love yourself, treat yourself, quit that crappy job and do things that make you happy! Life is short and we need to enjoy it while we can. If working that VP job is your ideal, work it and if your truth is working at a record store, work that! The point is to make yourself happy with experiences and memories rather than material items. I’d take a brain full of memories over a home full of things any day!



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