Path to Vegan Town

If anyone knows me, they know I have a soft spot in my heart for all animals. I cry during Planet Earth and get excited when I see a cat in someone’s window. Animals are so important to this Earth and to us. They improve our lives and help us live longer, more meaningful ones. That’s why last year I decided to start my path towards becoming Vegan.

It wasn’t hard for me, I never really liked meat, never ate seafood and most dairy food freaked me out. Growing up, I didn’t have much of a choice in what was put on the table and it was always a struggle in college, living in the dorms, than in a house with 3 others. Living alone for several years and transitioning to today, I have found a diet and food lifestyle that works for me. Thankfully, changing my diet to Vegan was fairly simple but my social ¬†lifestyle has proven to be a difficult challenge.

By nature I am a people pleaser, I always have been and that has been the hardest part of this transition. Many of my family and friends have been so supportive and encouraging in my decision to be Vegan while others are having trouble understanding. It can sometimes be hard to explain your lifestyle to people but, if I have learned one thing during this transition, you don’t have to! If people genuinely care about you, they will be supportive of your decision and be mindful of that when making plans or reservations! Always keep your intentions in mind! Slip ups happen, we’re human, and that’s ok. Just make sure you are always keeping yourself in mind and not just the people around you!

Personally, I have become a Vegan to help change this Earth, the way we live and support the life without a voice on this planet! Purchasing is power and I feel that I can and am making a difference by not purchasing packaged, processed items. When I shop at grocery stores, I shop the outer edges of the store. Just about everything I buy was plucked off a tree or dug up from the ground. I shop farmer’s markets to keep things local and visit local cafes and restaurants that are supportive of Vegan and Vegetarian lifestyles.

People won’t always support or understand your decisions and they don’t have to. Do what makes you feel happy and gives you a sense of purpose! Fuel your body with foods that give your body energy and glow! It can be difficult and take time but the pay off is worth it, I promise! Support your community, your body and the planet by going Vegan. And, always know that you have someone to talk to and a supporting, loving community behind you to help you find your path!




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