Morning Routines

I have a feeling I am the odd one out on this, but, I love mornings! That being said, this is a more recent phenomenon in my life. My previous job required getting up at 4am with no me time or actual waking up before my day began. Thankfully, with a career change and commitment to myself, I have taken my mornings back! Mornings set the tone for the day and finding a routine that works for you can make your day even more magical than you ever imagined.

Perfect mornings start with the perfect night’s sleep! Make sure your getting enough sleep so you feel refreshed and ready to go in the morning. I usually need about 6 hours and let myself sleep in once a week or as needed. Listen to your body, it will not steer you wrong! Below is how I get my day started and a recipe for my favorite morning breakfast!

Morning Routine:

  • Set an alarm 3-4 hours before work, errands or life (for me this is usually 5am)
  • Wash face with warm water and moisturize! My favorite is, Yes to Tomatoes.
  • Drink glass of room temperature water with lemon
  • Breakfast (see recipes below) and some reading
  • Brush teeth (I make my own, recipe adapted from Wellness Mama
  • Yoga!!! Flow through your own vinyasa or check out Yoga by Candace
  • Grab an outfit and your towel and hit the gym. I’m a Planet Fitness rat.
  • Don’t forget to shower!


  1. Toss some Sprouted Grain bread in the toaster
  2. Slather in some Nut Butter and cover with your favorite toppings
    1. Mine are fresh fruits, chia seeds and coconut flakes
  3. Smoothie time!
    1. 1 cup non  dairy milk, I like So Delicious
    2. 1 ripe banana
    3. 1/2 cup frozen or fresh berries
    4. 1 TBS milled flax seed
    5. Blend and enjoy

This is my morning routine and it has taken me years to find something that works for me. I like having time to ease into the day and enjoy myself before a day full of social interaction and crazy! The time we live in, it is hard for us as individuals to have much free time with the lives we lead. Take some time in the morning to set an intention for your day, eat a good breakfast and go kick some ass!


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