The Pineapple Blonde: First Post

Hi. My name is Jordan and I am the Pineapple Blonde! I created this blog to share with everyone that finds it, my wandering, mess making and physical activity fumblings. Expect me to be annoyingly positive, eccentric and passionate about everything I discuss on this platform. Let’s learn and share together! I’m going¬†to bug the crap out of you with everything I know and continue to learn about travel, cooking as a vegan and maintaining a happy, healthy body!

Pineapples are delicious and adorable, if you can call fruit adorable? But, I feel like this perfect little fruit really embodies what I want this blog to be about. The symbol of this bromeliaceous fruit is warmth, welcomeness, friendship and hospitality! I hope this blog will create a positive and entertaining atmosphere for us to all learn and teach one another.

I can’t wait to share the things that have made my life what it is today and continue to learn and stumble along with all of you! Each day is a new adventure and I am here to make it as strange, fun and exciting as possible!



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